Cocoapods Introduces Parallel Codesigning: Enable Now

Alexander Paterson
Posted over 6 years ago
1 minute
Cocoapods Introduces Parallel Codesigning: Enable Now
This might just be the fix to your bloated build time

For your security, Apple devices only run code that's been properly signed. This isn't a quick process however, and if you have many cocoapod frameworks in your project that all need signing, you can find your build time bloating to a painful several minutes.

Fortunately, the cocoapods-1.2.0 beta features the option to enable parallel code signing, which should increase your build time dramatically. 

You can install the beta by running:

gem install cocoapods --pre

Once you've got that installed, you simply need to add a variable to your Build Settings:


Now when you build your application, your cocoapods will code-sign a lot quicker.